Re-Upload of the original I (Chain) Saw You!

To download the original I (Chain) Saw You! for Windows, click here.

Screenshot Areksu

In early 2015 the sixth iteration of the “Game++ Community Challenge” by the german YouTuber LetsGameDev was announced. No special topic was given but a time limit and the task to proceed developing a game throughout multiple tournament-like rounds.

At this time I dealt with the (already dead) XNA-Framework as I learned C# and wanted to develop a game. I entered with my 2D-sidescrolling-action-game “I (Chain) Saw You!”.

The game

You take control over a small, yellow, cube-like character called “Blob” on a moving train. You can walk left, right, jump and¬†attack by spitting deadly chainsaws onto your enemies. After defeating a wave of ordinary villains you encounter a boss like the crazy, rainbow-spitting metal-unicorn Areksu with special attack-patterns that requires a more strategic approach to knock out.

Even though I once started working on the third out of nine bosses, I only ever finished two. The game was ranked among the top eight out of 50+ contestants in the game jam.

I (Chain) Saw You! was my first bigger project I worked on for multiple months and the first project I shared on the internet. By taking down my website a few years ago, I (Chain) Saw You! vanished too. You can download the reuploaded original version here.

The state of this project now is the same as it was three years ago. No further development will happen on this edition of the game.

I plan on doing a remake of I (Chain) Saw You! for mobile devices. Nothing is written in stone, but should I decide to actually do it, I could start working on it at the earliest in march. Until then, you are free to try out the original I (Chain) Saw You! for Windows. Any announcements happen first on my Twitter.

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