Who am I? What do I do?

Hello everyone and welcome to my recently set up blog!

First things first: thank you for visiting this site and taking your time to read this.

I am Ecki, a 17-year-old student developing software (mostly games or apps) in my free time since around 2011. As I live in Germany, English isn’t my native language so I want to apologize for every language-related mistake I might do beforehand.

About this blog

Why did I set up this site? I’m a friend of visualising progress and I want to construct some sort of roadmap throughout my projects. Anyone who’s interested in what I do should be able to visit this blog and scroll through the timeline of work I did.

This approach also means no regular post scheme. I post when I have something worth publishing to keep this blog tidy.

I might want to share software tools I use, or tell you about things that happened to me as a developer and what experiences I drew from them. The future will tell!

Where you can find me

You can find me on multiple social networks. Twitter is by far the one I use most. Besides that, I publish on GitHub, too. If you rather want to send me an email, you can do that by filling in the form in Contact Me or use my address eckertm2000@gmail.com.

I appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism. I’ll answer questions as I can.

Thank you for reading my blog!
Sincerely, Ecki

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